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"We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools." ~Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.



Unwinding belief systems that keep us in a holding patterns takes strong intention, commitment and self love.  It takes a soul who is willing to push through the boundaries that hold them back and to be willing to say YES to her heart, her soul and her “self,” her true self, not the self she shows to the world but the self she knows in her heart is there, it is why she chose to be born at this time!  The soul who desires to be loved, held, embraced and seen for who she is, who’s desire to let go of her fear and her comfort zone overrides her desire to settle.  It is time, at this moment in history, for us, as sisters, mothers, lovers, daughters to step in to the truth of who we are, the truth that beckons us, the truth we long for, the truth that we can no longer deny, the one that, if we do not follow, will lead to a slow painfully unyielding closing in of everything we know in our hearts to be true.  We must be willing to follow that yearning to open into the greater depths of who we are.


I work with women who are ready to step out of their comfort zones, who are ready to let go of the binds that keep them held to the past. I work with women who know intuitively that it is their divine birthright to live beyond the limitations of an antiquated society, women who are change makers, paradigm shifters, rule breakers!  Women who are ready to bust through, LEAD by example, tackle their limitations, LIVE fom their hearts, LOVE deeply in a new way, a way that is different, a way that is deeper, a way that is more congruent to what lies deep in their hearts. I work with women who are, or want to be brave, to push the envelope of their lives, to set healthy boundaries, to say NO when it doesn't serve them and YES when they feel inspired! 



 The time has come brothers, if we are to create a new world we must be willing to open our hearts and do this together, as a community, as a family, as brothers and sisters. As I said to my sisters, doing this work takes a soul who is willing to let go of the old ways, of the belief systems that keep us in unhealthy relationships, that keep us from living in harmony, love, trust, respect and honor.  For you men, we are at our most powerful when we are feeling held and loved by the men in our lives, when we are feeling seen.. And, we can't do any of it without you, without your willingness to dissolve your armor, to allow yourselves to be vulnerable, held and loved in a world full of false power.  If you are also feeling this deeper yearning for a different world, a world where you get to tap in to the truth of who you are on all levels, to tap in to your heart and live life with more freedom, more honesty, more authenticity, more pure love than give yourself permisssion to venture down this path!

I work with men who are following the call to honor the depth of who they are inside, men who are defined by the HEART they give from, men who have a deep desire to overcome the programming given to them at birth.  I work with men who are ready to ENVISION a new world and who desire to do the work to CREATE that world and who are not afraid of their own shadows.  I work with men who know in their hearts that something is amiss in this world and want to leave it a better place by creating conscious and powerful relationships with themselves and the world around them. I work with men who are willing to do what it takes to CHANGE the GAME.. Are YOU ready?

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